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We are here to make you happy again!




Everyone is born happy.

Then what makes them sad and gloomy as they grow up?

  1. Is it external circumstances?

  2. Is it unmatched expectations?

  3. Is it due to sudden losses?

  4. Is it unresolved conflicts?

  5. Is it confusing options?

Whatever be your dilemma, it is important that we resolve it together, and make you happy again!!

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1. We will make you happier!
2. We won't judge you
3. We assure confidentiality


We take great pride in the beautiful & comfortable hangout we have created for you.

The Good Place is more than just a counselling hangout, it's an oasis of comfort and serenity where you can recharge your mind, body, and soul. Our team takes great pride in crafting a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that envelops you in a sense of calm and tranquility from the moment you step inside.


The space has been thoughtfully designed with elements of nature, art, and soothing music to create a warm and welcoming environment that puts you at ease. As you settle into your session, you'll notice the aromas of essential oils and candles that fill the air, helping to further enhance your relaxation and create a space of healing.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable during counselling sessions, and we believe that the atmosphere of our hangout plays a crucial role in setting the stage for a successful session. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, or just need a listening ear, The Good Place is the perfect destination to come and unwind.

So come and visit us and experience the beauty and comfort of The Good Place for yourself. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to guide you through your journey towards healing and renewal.

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