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Our Services

Therapies that work for you

INDIVIDUAL Counselling

We will get to the heart of what matters to you.


Together, we will find out what you truly want and then figure out a way to achieve that.

And we will have fun along the way :)

COUPLES Counselling

It is not just for couples who are struggling, but also a great way to further strengthen your relationship.

Let's keep the relationship lively by proactive methods and exciting ideas.

We will provide you a comprehensive male and female perspective for all challenges and solutions.

FAMILY Counseling

Being a family is a lot of fun, and a lot of work!

But things can get stressful. Different generations and different family members may have different perspectives.

Once you understand the others' perspectives, the only you need to focus on is "intentions".

Minutest of actions can bring in huge changes and happiness. Lets figure it out together :)

Unleash your power

How Counselling can help you?

If you are going through any grief, anxiety, stress, conflicts, low self-esteem, relationship or career issues, we understand how painful that can be.

Working with trained, experienced & empathetic professionals allows you to explore the issues from an unbiased perspective and help you find solutions.

You owe it to yourself to lead a happy life. And we promise to help you achieve that!

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How will this work?


You will treat yourself. We will guide you at every step.

Every person's unique life experiences are explored within a psycho-therapeutic setting using holistic healing approaches.

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